Santiago Fernández Valbuena

In this space you will find all his articles on economics, politics and entrepreneurship, as well as his professional references. This is the analysis of the present world and the future by one of the most prestigious economists in Spain.


Economist, entrepreneur, teacher and constant apprentice.

Santiago Fernández Valbuena was born in Madrid the same year that Spain entered the IMF and the Americans launched a satellite into space. Since then, in addition to turning years old, he has fulfilled many projects, usually in the opposite direction to the most usual.

He studied in a public institute at a time when teachers freed minds instead of protecting themselves from them, which contributed to forging a nonconformist spirit with which he feels very satisfied. He read Spanish poets, whom he has not forgotten, became an economist because he wanted to change the world, not only understand it, and he left for the United States, where he became a Doctor (PhD) in Economics, to learn how to use tools of the sculptors of the numbers.



For several years he devoted himself to teach with enthusiasm what he had learned with dedication, but he soon realized that the university air would not blow with enough force to change the world and he decided to try it in the financial markets, which at that time were catching up, like so many other things in the Spain of the late 80's. In the financial markets he found impossible explanations, unacceptable characters and very interesting personalities.
He also learned that the first independence is economic and he focused on what he could achieve. He participated intensively in all corners of the financial markets, as an investor and as an issuer and was a professor at Business Schools.

During the period in Telefónica (2002-2016) he participated in all the operations of that stage, which were many and large. In those years he learned that the tools of number sculptors do not improve the quality of the material with which they work. And now he is an entrepreneur and practices entrepreneurship. In Spain he learns and in Brazil he undertakes, trying to cultivate both hemispheres (of the brain) with incomprehensibly positive results.
In his less public life, he has been reprimanded by the same woman for four decades and has been surprised by three children who have managed to direct the course when the fog was thicker. If life handed out letters, Santiago got the aces. If he was born again, you will learn to navigate earlier and better.

Milestones of the Biography of Santiago

Then you can see the development of the training and professional career of Santiago Fernández Valbuena.

Study the baccalaureate at the INEM Calderón de la Barca de Madrid
Bachelor of Economics at the Complutense University
Master (MS) en Economic Policy. Northeastern University. Boston
Master (MS) in Economic Policy. Northeastern University. Boston
Professor of Applied Economics. University of Murcia
Director of Analysis and Stock Market of Beta Capital. Madrid
General Director of Société Générale Valores. Madrid
CEO of Fonditel SGFP SA (manager of the pension funds of the Telefónica group)
General Director of Finance (CFO) of the Telefónica Group
President of Telefónica Latinoamérica
Director General of Strategy of Telefónica.
Vice President EBN Bank. Madrid
Investtech Partner São Paulo. Brazil
President of the AEDAS Homes Council